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Ron's Gyros

Airborne Flight Training

  • 2313 Steep Hill Rd. Ft. Smith, AR 72916

  • (501)646-6624


Richard Ankrom BFI

  • Address: 32240 W. Bud Rd., Maricopa, Arizona 85239
    Work Phone: 520-568-4976
    Home Phone: 520-568-4976
    Fax: 520-568-2842
    Airport: Phoenix Regional Location: 35 miles S. of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport
    Training Type: Gyrocopter
    Ground School: Yes
    Student weight limit: 260lb
    Aircraft: Two Seat Elite Air Command with Rotax 912S
    Comments: Complete flight training program also Trikes and fixed wing), 7 days a week. On site lodging available and RV hookups. 10 miles to casinos, 30 miles to major restaurants, theaters and shopping. 33 miles to major shopping mall

American Autogyro

  • Terry Brandt, CFI-Gyro, 5209F exemption.
    Address: 3000 S Palo Verde Rd, Buckeye, AZ 85326
    Phone: 623-393-9451
    Aircraft: Sparrow Hawk

American Autogyro

  • Jim Mayfield, CFI-Gyro, 5209F exemption.
    Address: 3000 S Palo Verde Rd, Buckeye, AZ 85326
    Phone: 623-393-9451
    Aircraft: Sparrow Hawk

Total Concept Flight Inc. BFI

  • Name: Charlie Mara
    Address: 85585 Leewood HC1 Box 7, Mammoth, Arizona 85618
    Phone: 520-487-0142
    Airport: San Manuel
    Location: 40 miles from Tuscon, 90 miles from Phoenix
    Training Type: Gyrocopter
    Ground School: Yes
    Student weight limit: 250
    Aircraft: Air Command Tandem with Rotax 912S
    Comments: Gyro training with an emphasis on personal attention. All training is structured to make sure the student is prepared to fly their own gyro. Transition training in students gyro is included in course. Come train in the beautiful San Pedro River Valley, below the Galiuro Mountains, where the weather is friendly year round. Training may be scheduled 7 days a week. Experienced flight instruction since 1990.

Scott Tinnesand

  • Address: 16042 W. Lincoln St, Goodyear, AZ 85338
    Phone: 623-451-2791
    Comments: Trains in AAI modified RAF


Leslie A. Sanders BFI

  • Address: Marysville, CA
    Phone: 916-648-1200
    Phone2: 530-741-0741

West Coast Gyroplane Service

  • Gary Brewer, CFI-Gyro, 5209F exemption.
    Address: 497 Edison Ct. Suite C Suisun City, Ca. 94585
    Phone: 707-864-0704
    Fax: 707-864-8737
    Aircraft: RAF 2000, Private through Commercial.
    Airport: Nut Tree
    Location: Vacaville, CA. South of Sacramento-
    Comments: $140/hour.


Robert Martian

  • Address: 8011 SE Helen Terr, Hobe Sound FL 33455

  • Phone: 772-546-7335

  • Aircraft: Parson's Two Place

Tom E. Adams

  • 1855 Overlook Drive, Winter Haven, FL 33884

  • (813) 325-0000


Maxie Wildes - BFI

  • 2108 E. Blvd.

    Savannah, Ga. 31410


    Phone #'s    Home     912-897-6702

                         Cell         912-663-6640


    • DOB 09/17/1954

    • Flying since 1980

    • Flying gyros since 1986

    • Trained by Bill Parsons

    • Learned to designed and built gyros from Bill Parsons

    • Building gyros since 1990

    • Put the first parachute on a gyro in 1990

    • Built the first aircraft, a gyro, a EFI Subaru EJ22 in 1991

    • Started training in 2002 using a CLT Aircommand Tandem Elite Trainer

    • Private single eng. land rotorcraft/Gyroplane Lic.

    • BFI Rotorcraft/Gyroplane Lic.

    • Training out of Springfield, Ga. just north of Savannah, Ga.

Dan Leslie, BFI

  • 101 Brown Avenue

  • Macon, GA.  31220

  • Phone 912-474-6517


Chuck L. Roberg, BFI

  • Address: 614 Bunker Hill CT Naperville IL, 60540
    Phone: 708-583-4320
    Fax: 708-583-4584
    Airport: Lansing Municipal
    Location: Lansing Illinois
    Training Type: Gyrocopter
    Ground School: Yes
    Student weight limit: 250lb
    Aircraft: SnoBird Tandem
    Comments: Flight training available weekends. Other hours for training can be arranged. Introductory instruction flights available. Located on the Illinois/Indiana border, just south of Chicago, with easy access to the interstate. Member of PRA chapter 18. 15 Gyro's based on airport.


Gary Goldsberry, CFI

  • Address: 401 S. Alabama Street, Indianapolis, IN 46225
    Home Phone: 317-996-2487
    Work Phone: 317-632-7012
    Fax: 317-632-3446
    Comments: Train with CFI-Gyro/Helo at non-busy airport under 5209E exemption for proficiency or ratings. All time logged. Ground school available with helpful book and videos. Gyroplane training in Parsons-type tandem with Arrow power. Helicopter training in Brantly B2B. All maneuvers to meet FAR Parts 61, 91, 103. Written test, signoffs available. Weekends only by appointment.

Rick Marshall, CFI

  • Address: 4901 Murvihill Rd., Hangar N44, Valparaiso, IN 46383
    Phone 219-477-5332
    Aircraft: Magni

John Snider

  • Address: 10000 S. Horrall Rd, Vincennes, IN 47591
    Home Phone: 812-882-7515
    Cell Phone: 812-890-8257
    Training in RAF


Joe Swanton, BFI

  • Address: 3739 160th Street, Goose Lake, Iowa, 52750
    Home Phone: 319-577-2321,
    Work Phone: 319-242-5759,
    Airport: Clinton Municipal
    Location: Clinton, IA.
    Training Type: Gyrocopter
    Ground School: Yes
    Student weight limit: 250 lbs
    Comments: Training in side-by-side Dominator. Training under A.S.C. Exemption # 6080-C ultralight).


Dustin W. Howell, CFI-Gyroplane, CFII-Airplane

  • Address: 1359 Charles Griggs Road, West Monroe, LA 71292
    Phone: 318-791-2901
    Aircraft: 2001 RAF-2000 Gyroplane
    Airport: Monroe Regional Airport KMLU
    Location: North Louisiana along the I-20 corridor.
    Student Weight limit: 300 lbs
    Comments: Airplane training is also available. Complex and High Performance Checkouts available.


Christopher R. Burgess, CFI-Gyro

  • Address: 3117 Basford Rd., Frederick, MD 21703 -
    Phone: 301-874-5251
    Training Type: Gyrocopter
    Ground School: Yes
    Student weight limit: 200
    Comments: Burgess simulator available, tandem Snobird or in your own two-place machine.


Duane Hunn, Sr.

  • Address: 1055 S. Center Rd, Saginaw, MI 48603
    Phone: 306 463-6030
    Aircraft: RAF 2000 gyroplane, two-seat side-by-side for Private through CFI.
    Comments: All training meets or exceeds the FAA requirements from takeoff to cross-country and night flying. Training is $120 per hour which includes ground school under 5209E exemption.

Doyle Watkins

  • 8140 Laberdee Rd., Britton, MI. 49229

  • (517)447-3952



Greg Gremminger CFI

  • Address: 17225 Pleasant Vw. Dr., Ste. Genevieve, MO 63670
    Work Phone: 573088303541
    Airport: Perryville Airport K02
    Location: Perryville Missouri
    Training Type: Gyroplane
    Ground School: Yes
    Student weight limit: 270
    Aircraft: Magni M-16 Tandem Trainer $120 dual-
    Comments: Flight and ground training with an emphasis on stability and control factors that can affect safety in many gyros. Introductory training to gyroplanes.

Greg Bradley

  • Bradley Aviation Service, Inc.

  • 268 S.E. Piper Drive

  • Holt, MO.  64048

  • Phone 816-590-2334

  • Cell 816-651-8828


Mike Roney

  • 12303 N. 72nd St, Omaha, NE 68122

  • (402) 572-8788

New York

Trans America Rotorcraft, Ltd.

  • Address: 163 Primrose Road, Williston Park, NY 11596 -
    Phone: 516-746-3427
    Comments: Training for solo through CFI ratings. Flight and ground instruction by Demetrios Jim-Logan, CFI/Rotorcraft-helicopter and gyroplane, advanced ground instructor. Train in RAF 2000 dual-seat side-by-side powered by Subaru Legacy 130 hp engine. Year-round flight training by appointment only. Training for solo through CFI ratings.


Edward A. Alderfer BFI

  • Address: Hamilton, OH
    Phone: 513-844-2857

South Carolina

Rusty's Rotary Wings

  • Russell W. Nance, 500 Boy Scout Rd. Gaston SC 29053
    Phone: 803-794-6741
    CellPhone: 803-315-0671
    Ground School: Yes
    Comments: Train with Certified Flight instructor Rotorcraft Gyroplane and Helicopter-under PRA 5209E Exemption for gyro instruction. Prep for written and practical test. Fly in Air Command Mazda Tandem gyroplane. Weight limit for training 250 lbs. Orientation flight weight 300 lbs. Air Command dealer. Discounts given for flight instruction if new Air Command kit is purchased from us.

Gary Neal

  • Address: 320 Bryant Rd, Spartanburg, SC 29303
    Phone: 864-583-4319
    Comments: Trains in RAF



John Norman

  • Caddo Mills Airport

  • Caddo Mills, TX.

  • (903) 527-3335)


Lisa de Vries

  • Address: 5135 North Spring Drive, Roanoke, VA 24019-2621
    Phone: 540-562-1902
    Comments: Training by CFI in RAF 2000 under exemption 5209E. Price is $120.00 an hour.


Terry Davison

  • Address: 6909 101st Ave SW, Olympia, WA 98512
    Phone: 360-786-8628
    Comments: Trains in AAI modified RAF.













































Paul Bruty

Address: PO Box 1313 Ballarat, MC 3354 Australia
P/Fax: 03 53 347717
Comments: Gyro instructor, located 100km wnwest of Melbourne. Operate 7 days a week from an all weather airport. Train with RAF 2000.Training charges are Aus$130:00 per hour. I have almost 3,000 hours in powered gyros since 1982. In excess of 2000 hours have been spent training people-first in an Aircommand side by side 1600hrs-and for the last 2 years in my RAF 2000. I learned to fly a single seat gyroglider at the age of 12 in 1961. My father was a PRA member in the early 1960's. He flew a 72 Mac Bensen style gyro made in Australia called a Bee.

Laszlo Boross
Address: 4 Chailey Place, BALGA, Perth, Western Australia, 6061 Australia
Work Phone: 041 201 6447
Home Phone: 08-9345-1468
Fax: 08-9345-1468
Location: Northam, West-Australia, 90 km of Perth
Training Type: Gyrocopter
Ground School: Yes
Student weight limit: 125kg
Aircraft: RAF 2000 GTX SE
Comments: The first, full time gyrocopter flying organization in Western Australia. The base is located at the Northam airstrip, 90km North-East of Perth, operating 7 days a week. Also traveling to your place anywhere in Australia with a full equipped school-trailer. The organization also manufacturing gyrocopters, professionally assembling factory supplied kits, modifying to Australian standards, exam and certify new build gyrocopters. I am member of the Popular Rotorcraft Association, Australian Sport Rotorcraft Association and ASRA Technical Advisor.


















































Address: Dorpstraat 120, B- 9420 ERPE, BELGIUM
Phone/Fax: +32 0)53 80 53 97
Comments: Gyro examinator for the French Ultralight Federation FFPLUM). I instruct in the North of France at Vitry en Artois, 25 km south of LILLE. 2 runways of 950 meter in a nice and calm region. Nine of my students became happy and qualified gyropilots since September 1999. Training on MAGNI M16 Tandem Trainer dual controls), SUBARU EJ22 motorized. English, French and Dutch speaking trainees welcome.


















































Jon Pridie

Address: RR4 Calmar, AB, T0C 0V0 Canada
Work Phone: 780 985 2024
Home Phone: 780 985 2024
Fax: 707 276 4499
Airport: Wetaskiwin
Location: Wetaskiwin Alberta
Training Type: Gyrocopter
Ground School: Yes
Student weight limit: 250
Aircraft: RAF2000
Comments: Canada's Number One Gyroplane School

Saskatchewan Rotary Air Force

Address: Box 1236, Kindersley, Saskatchewan, Canada S0L 1 S0
Phone: 306-463-6030
Fax: 306-463-6032
Comments: CFI-Gyro instructors worldwide, RAF 2000 GTX, Ask First Society network of instructors/training course. Total price $2.000 US. Call for your area CFI.
























































AUBIN Daniel

Address: Le Trident, 82, Rpt du Pont de Sèvres - 92100 BOULOGNE Paris
Phone: 01 46 21 46 80


Address: 14 rue des Jumeaux - 31200 TOULOUSE South West France
Phone: 05 61 48 83 91 - fax
Fax: 05 61 48 46 55.
Comments: Xavier is the 'father' of the gyro-movement in France and responsible for the Autogiro Committee of the FFPLUM. Training on GUEPARD Trainer dual controls.

BERVA Thierry

Address: 3, Hameau du Belle - 60530 NEUILLY EN THELLE Paris region
Phone: 06 07 3439 65,
Aircraft: Aircommand


Address: 63, Allée Des Cèdres - 60530 CROUY EN THELLE Paris region
Phone: 06 82 91 33 57
Aircraft: Aircommand


Address: Moulin du CHatelard - 16230 PUYREAUX 16 Charente region
Phone: 06 08 42 46 01
Phone/Fax: 05 45 22 22 33
Email: - Web
URL: .
Aircraft: MAGNI M19 fully closed, dual controls
Comments: Over 2000hrs of gyroflight, over 100 qualified students since 5 year.


Address: 53 rue Boissière - 75116 PARIS -
Phone: 01 45 53 27 67

PATTE Alexandre

Address: BFSARC, Ferme de Mellay, Aérodôme de Voves Viabon - 28150 VIABON 28 Eure-et-Loir region, Chartres, 50 miles south of Paris
Phone: 02 37 99 17 17
Aircraft: MAGNI M16 Trainer dual controls


Address: Lieu dit 'Lairgne' - 31110 MOUSTAJON
Phone: 05 61 79 37 69

























































  Puerto Rico

Jorge Gonzalez

  • P.O. Box 730, Arroyo, PR. 00714

  • (787)839-6277


MAURY Jean Luc

Address: Las Boueygas - 24390 HAUTEFORT
Phone: 05 53 50 49 38

RIEU Michel,

Address: Bajonnette 32120 SOLOMIAC
Phone: 05 62 06 84 35


Address: 32, Bd de Fonsala - 42400 St.CHAMOND Lyon region
Phone: 04 77 22 24 43
Aircraft: MAGNI M16 Trainer, dual controls


Address: 3, place Des Vernes - 77500 CHELLES Paris
Phone: 01 64 21 26 78 or
Aircraft: GUEPARD Trainer dual controls
Location: field of Coulomniers 30 km est of Paris












































Uwe Hager, Gruentenweg

Address: 8a Igling 86859 Germany
Work Phone: ++49 0-170 8000 665
Home Phone: ++49 0-8241-919284
Airport: EDNH Bad Woerishofen
Location: Bad Wörishofen
Training Type: Gyrocopter
Ground School: Yes
Student weight limit: 200
Aircraft: New Aircommand Elite F30 Parson / Brock
Comments: Solo machine available at the airport for charter. Solo instruction for your own machine Testflying your machine Full-time course available Ratings only for certified pilots Aircommand Representative Regular Gyro Fly-In´s

















































  United Kingdom

Marc Lhermette

Address: The Old Farmhouse Lamberhurst Farm, Dargate, Faversham, Kent, ME 13 9 EP, UK
Phone: +44 1227 750328
Fax: +44 1227 277260
Comments: Training in award winning RAF 2000 or students machine. Able to travel.

Peter Davies
The Old Library, 30 Dock street, Fleetwood, Lancs., FY7 6AG
Phone: +44 (0)1253 877705 and 07957 143737

CFI Gyroplanes using VPM-M16 or students MT-03 or ELA-07, single seat training undertaken, available for International Instruction.


















































  New Zealand

Derek Zandbergen CFI

Address: 50 Maltby Avenue, Timaru, 8601 New Zealand
Work Phone: 027-432-8729 mobile)
Home Phone: 64-3-6866433
Fax: 64-3-6866433
Airport: Richard Pearse Airfield
Location: Timaru
Training Type: Gyrocopter
Ground School: Yes
Student weight limit: 230
Aircraft: RAF 2000 GTX-SE
Comments: Year round Training in our central South Island location ensures you a worthwhile experience.















































  South Africa

Eric Torr

Address: 18 Felicia Street, Birchleigh North, Kempton Park, Gauteng 1618 South Africa
Work Phone: 391-6426
Home Phone: 391-6426
Airport: Baragwanath
Location: South East of Johannesburg
Training Type: Gyrocopter
Ground School: Yes
Student weight limit: 300lb
Aircraft: Training on student's own aircraft. Rates are in competitive in SA Rands and accom. available.