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Pilot Medical Certificates

Although a medical certificate is not required for issue of a licence, it is required before you undertake a flight test or are permitted to use the licence. You must have regular medical examinations to keep your medical certificate current. Flight crew medical examinations are conducted by doctors approved by CASA. These doctors are known as Designated Aviation Medical Examiners or DAMEs.

Alternatively, flying schools and CASA offices can assist you with the names and addresses of DAMEs in their area. The medical requirements are divided into Class 1, for commercial (except balloon), air transport and flight engineer licences, and Class 2, for all commercial balloon, private pilot and student licences. The variance is in the depth of examination. For instance, a Class 2 examination is primarily physical in nature whereas a Class 1 examination involve an ECG, an audiogram, a blood lipids test and a specialist eye examination in addition to the general physical. Medicals exams, in both classes, usually become more exacting as you grow older. If you have any concerns as to whether you will might satisfy the medical requirements, you can discuss your condition with a DAME or one of CASA's doctors. Call CASA's national telephone number 131 757 (toll free) and ask for the Aviation Medicine Section in Canberra. After obtaining a medical certificate, you must notify CASA if there is any variation to your medical condition.