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Commercial Pilot Licence

Applicants must

  • be at least 18 years of age
  • be able to speak, read and understand the English Language

  • hold or be eligible to hold a flight radiotelephone operator licence

  • have passed a written examination and flight test for CPL

  • have passed an CASA approved integrated CPL course where the theory and flying training are co-ordinated and acquired 150 hours in aeroplanes with at least

    • 70 hours as pilot in command

    • 20 hours cross country as pilot in command
    • 10 hours instrument flight;
  • or have acquired at least 200 hours flight time including at least
    • 100 hours as pilot in command
    • 100 hours of flight time in aeroplanes
    • 20 hours cross country flight time as pilot in command of an aeroplane
    • 10 hours of instrument flight time in aeroplanes

Commercial pilots may fly for hire or reward. Commercial pilots are authorised to fly

  • single pilot aircraft as pilot in command while the aircraft if engaged in any operation
  • multi pilot aircraft as pilot in command but for private or aerial work operations only
  • co-pilot of an aircraft engaged in any operation